Thursday, September 27, 2007

My bet is that...

Tomorrow is the 74th Anniversary of La Arena Mexico and the Stelar Show is a Wrestle where 7 masks and one hairdo will be in Jeopardy!.
Everybody is saying that Villano V will lose his mask, I am still sure that the one losing his mask is Lizmark Jr I still have that hope I mean Los Villanos do not deserve to lose another mask and not there.
Yes, I will watch the event in the Arena because the show will be showcased in pay per view and that is the only cheap way to watch it!! :)

As an update: Mistico was today in Toluca and suffered an accident...happens He was flying off to fall over Ephesto, Ephesto slipped and couldn´t receive Mistico properly so Mistico hit the floor with the Head.
That is a strange twist to the story because He was about to fight in my town and now I do not know what it will be for the show in my city and also for tomorrow´s event in La Arena Mexico.

Have a great day!


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