Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari 1919-1920

Last Weekend I watched with my Mom The movie (isn´t She great? :))The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (original title: Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) is a groundbreaking 1920 silent film directed by Robert Wiene from a screenplay written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer. I always wanted to watch this movie because many people called it as the first horror movie ever made, what I can say is that from the artistic perspective this is A MUST!!!!! to see, even for comic work you can learn so many tricks used over the picture to call the attention of the reader!!
It is one of the earliest, most influential and most artistically acclaimed German Expressionist films.
In fact They took expressionism into the perfect amalgam of story and ambience!!
The ending is amazing!!

Have a great time!


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