Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tacos, Fruit cakes and Rocket Girl.

Back in the 70´s when I was not even in the planning of my Dad and Mom, there were a series of Adds from some candy and bakery companies in all the backcovers on interiors from DC and Marvel comics using the most important characters from their own companies and the product itself.
Check the example above.
Well this is the go:
In that time this publicity was a one single page story relating the advertised product and the company brand character and that is the idea that My Amigo Nik Havert had. A revival of that kind of advertisment!!!!!!.
The plot: Well to use a Tacos´ Restaurant near the place Nik lives and Rocket Girl.

So I will try to summarize all the process in the following days.
I had the script two weeks ago and until now I have a frame time of 3 or 2 days to make it real.

Have a great day!!


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