Tuesday, November 20, 2007


CAFE TACUBA is without question my favorite mexican band ever, and I thought of them as the most innovative band from my country and They released the new album called SI NO 2007.
I am completely dissapointed the album is HORRIBLE!! Horrible lyrics work and the music is not even like in the first albums... It really hurts because is without question my favorite band in spanish in MEXICO...I hope they release a new album soon and recover the spirit the have...
I was listening to their album and I cannot get this picture of my mind "Is like If someone washed a dark T-shirt and now the shirt became pale and gray"
A real shame I just couldn´t stand to listen the full album...This is a very sad day indeed, I was so happy for buying this CD and now I do not know where to put it!!

Have a great day...me....I am still sad!



neil tilbury said...

I couldn't disagree with you more, nor can all the critics' reviews I've been reading. You haven't said why you have such a hostile reaction to the new cd. Is it too "poppy" for your taste? I saw the band play live in New York City tonight. They were superb as usual and the crowd loved them. The new songs from the cd went down very well and stood up well alongside the other tunes from their wide repertoire. Be patient, keep listening and you'll appreciate this fresh direction.

antonio said...

probably you are right, maybe as you said it is just a matter to get used to the new sound but in my opinion I have to say I didn`t like the way the reuse past sounds in all over the cd, instead of being in the next step forward as they are ALWAYS..AS YOU READ CAFE TACUBA IS MY FAVORITE BAND so I was expecting something more radical or experimental as they normally are...I will keep the advise you gave and I will try to listen the compact again... let me give you an example of what I was expecting..I listen the new cd of Smashing pumpkins and to be honest I was thinking it was to sound like smashing but man I love the new hard metal and gothic sound used over the sound..and there is the equation again a band you like experimenting and experimenting..thanks for writing here I was not hostile I was honestly sad for the new sound that is all...do not become a stranger and thanks for writing..

Have a great day!!!