Thursday, November 22, 2007


I do not have internet at home and I hope to get it back by tomorrow or in the worst case scenario by Monday.
This is a small catch up to explain my absence.

I had a car accident with my Family over this past weekend, I already explained this over my spanish site and I only had time to tell to a person about the incident, I hope as soon as I get my internet back to tell the full story.
Car destroyed, some of my Family with mild bruises and I got a bit injured arm nothing of alarm, but trying to fill a tight deadline and some work I guess you can make numbers and figure out the situation :).
I am working on some work I owe and the Anthology so expect news over Monday or Tuesday about the new printed work.
I went to Las Luchas and it was in the overall much better than last time!!!
I am coming back from a conference that El Fisgon (a great political cartoonist from my country gave in my hometown) and I gave him my Sketchbook and He was really nice to me!! :)

Sorry I have more things to say but I ran out of time and money so see you in some days...damn I need to finish today at night at least 2 pages and tight the pencils of 2 more and watercolor a page I owe for an experiment...:)

Be good!!



Craig Zablo said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope all is well soon!

Antonio Torres said...

Ah cabron Tocayo!!!! espero que te encuentres mejor, y tu familia tambien.....chales que mal pedo!!!!

Cuidate Tocayo, un abrazo!!!!!

antonio said...

Craig!!!!!!!! Great to hear from you here!!! thank you so much for the words I hope tomorrow morning to finally get back in track to anything I am doind it was really great to open the page and see a comment of yours!!! :) Be good!!!

tocayo pos ni modo uno nunca acaba de estas chingaderas :).....