Friday, November 09, 2007

I can not really understand life at times.

Sometimes life has some mysterious ways to let you know that it is too short to waste it...Yesterday the father or my Sister in Law died from a heart attack while driving his truck in San Luis Potosi.
He was a really nice frank person and I only hope the family of my Sister in Law have the strenght to bare the mourning and despair.

And as a result of the tragic news my Sister in Law enter into labor and now My new nephew was born!. It is an irony in one place the Funeral was taking place and in another place was full of Joy because of the New Born: Karol welcome to this weird world!!! :)



Antonio Torres said...

Pues si Tocayo....que sorpresas nos da la vida......y muchas felicidades por el nuevo miembro de la familia.....
un abrazo Tocayo!!!!!

antonio said...

gracias!! gracias!!

Otro amiguete para vestirlo de luchador jajajajajaja!!