Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am taking about half and hour in a library near my home to write this, hopefully I am getting my internet back tomorrow night.

Well again sorry for the absence in writing here I was not expecting to have some dumb situations lately but first things first.

Do you remember I was about to travel to Guadalajara to meet my second nephew, well We left to Guadalajara one Saturday in the afternoon and We got there after 5 or 6 hours (my brother got stopped by a road police officer and gave him a fine, We got stuck in a traffic spot and so forth).
Well We arrived that Saturday night and I have to say that I was expecting little from the trip (knowing that the father of my sister in law passed away few days before our trip) and it was amazing!!!, I was and I am missing my first nephew at home and my second nephew is adorable, so cute!!
We returned home the following Monday in the afternoon and over Michoacan We had a flat tire, seemed that the old tire just couldn´t resist the travel and got flat. We spent about 20 minutes changing the tire for a new brand tire not even a spare tire A NEW BRAND TIRE!
We were near Celaya to be more exact in the Kilometer 53 in the Bridge El Llano, and We got another flat tire but in this case the tire We changed and that was already new, My brother had little time to pull over the car and We got in the middle of a curve and in the middle of the road (there are a two-way lanes and We were in the middle of one...bad luck!!).
So you can imagine, because of the sudden halt some of my family got bruises and I got a injured arm and hand mainly to prevent my brother to hit himself with the head towards the sit because of the whiplash effect. (thankfully I am felling much better and now I am only aching the upper part of my arm but nothing serious).
Well My dad, my other brother and I had to get out of the car and star signaling with a red cloth,mainly, to prevent an accident and also to prevent a trailer, a bus or a car could crash with our broken car (thing that almost happened 3 times).
Some guys came in our help (We didn´t know in that moment they were the ones who provoked the accident) and told us They would call for help (thing that never happened), We waited there for about two hours and since 9:00 pm that our accident happened We finally got home at 4:00 am to our house.
This is what the police officers told us or the version that is the most correct, seems those bastards (The guys looking for us to help) wanted to steal our car, so They threw something in our tires so We could crash and spin off from the road so When They arrive They could steal everything they could, and because They saw We were 3 men and The car was not off the road,They left the place as fast as possible, from the police officer´s side We were told that in that special kilometer those guys had already killed one trailer driver,raped 3 girls, and stole about 15 trailers and 10 cars already, so I guess We were LUCKY that day!!!.

Now I am with a lot of work on my back and I hope to have some news the following days...
Be good and take care!!


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