Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Luchas Night...!!! I was missing so many people :(

Well today was not the best I have ever had..anyway the good thing is that the day is already over.
I am sending you some photos of the Luchas Night!
Just two comments for a weird reason Mistico used to have crowds and crowds of people on his presentations over my hometown but starting today People started to be absent. For the first time in ages Mistico was like another wrestler there fighting, In the past He was really adored in my town and now is all the contrary, sad to see him in a different way.
In the bright side Magadan one of the most famous broadcasters of Luchas was so gentle and nice by receiving in his own hands a copy of my sketchbook and a copy of Republika Lucha done by my compa Rene Cordova.
Thanks Magadan if happens you read these lines of mine!!
Gracias Magadan en caso que un día lo leas por aquí!

Have a great day!!


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