Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vaudeville laughs.

Quick lines as usual and I guess by next week to finally get my computer home.
Wondy and June thanks a lot for being so great to me, and I appreciate Wondy you wrote those lines in spanish...I understood the core of the lines and I appreciate that.
Kino mail me to send you the address.
Nik do me a favor...prepare the scripts 3 and 4 and send them next week to my mail...So I can start as soon as possible with the scheduling of Rocket Girl!! Yaaaaayyy!!!!!

News....My nephew is already born!!!!!
His name is Carlos (Charles) so I hope to load some photos over this week or next.
I will be really busy this week We have not finished with the work from the urban Planification because there is a lot of information missing so this week will be hell and now I got a tight really tight schedule because I still need to finish with another week of the notes from the Workshop so well I am just enjoying my last day of quasi resting.

Well love life notes for you all (thanks for asking Wondy) after all what happened with red head and the other girl I just got that sour taste in my mouth and now I am just in the mood of not really caring or wanting anything with Anyone, I am not even with that eagerness of seeing or looking for someone, not for now or for the long term, I mean I was really affected in fact I gain some pounds that I will lose over the month and I do not like that for sure.

(I think I will be open to love but not looking for now) For what I am going to comment, my friend from the school where I work just called me some minutes ago to inform me about my new 2 groups the ironical part is that in one of the groups is going to be red head, so I will take this as my job and not caring if She is there or not, but I am now calling a friend of mine so She can reach red head and the cell phone girl so they both know that I will be probably around, it will sound stupid what I am saying but for now I am more concerned in the fact of not affecting the learning of red head, so I am telling the mutual friend to tell her that I will just be there giving my class and giving the best I have as a teacher and only that, I just decided to block everything from my mind so She can be open to accept the teaching because I know how minds work and when there is someone you do not trust (you already know what happened girls) the same happens in relation to getting knowledge or learning from.
Ironic, is not it?

Great time!!!


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The Old Lady said...

Congratulations on the birth of your nephew.