Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Post Mortem from the Resurrected.

Long time without posting...right? Well I continue in limbo terms.
No computer for about two more weeks. Hello to everybody and thanks for the words!!!
These are the tiny updates.
I am trying to advance more workload from the Workshop, I have redone the information that was lost from the computer break, and I have advanced the material for May 20th I hope over these 3 days to get done with the material that the teacher will show by May 27th.
Because there are so many probabilities that by this Saturday and the next two weeks to be devoted only to get done with the Urban Planification. I have two deadlines one that will be for the director to check the material around the 13th or 14th and the last one that is about the 23rd of this very month. So wish me luck to get everything on time! I have not heard from my team mates so hopefully by tomorrow or Friday to know exactly their whereabouts.
I have not gone out from my house for about 5 days so tomorrow it will be my first day into the sidewalks...I need to send some paper to get paid and have money to pay for the fix of my computer.
Love life well not even a tiny mini advance... I do not want to give up but I guess it is maybe the smartest thing to do for now... I got a mail from an ex (she is incredible!!!!..I mean I do not see my path with her but I can totally recognize She is a great girl) In case you ask me why not to return to her...well I never come back to a relation, I am afraid to reply the mail, because after We broke up that is about 6 years of more We have not seen eachother in total I guess 10 mails in over these years and just one or two times to talk face to face but last time was 4 years ago, I do not want to harm her...(She wrote a cheerful mail asking me for what I have been done all this time and She was expecting me to finally be working in an American company, married with tons of children and happy and I dunno know what to answer to her) Maybe I am overthinking as usual but I mean for the first time in many years and after what it has been with the last attempts to have a nice relation I guess now I am a little fed up and not looking for now to get or bump into a relation.
That is what I did not wind up but I do not want to complex my life more I had enough with feeling like an ass about red head and my perspectives and feelings.
I asked again a friend to use his computer and He was nice to let me do so..well I had to pay buying him some beers (No, I am not drinking with him).
Great day and see in some days or about a week.

I really miss you guys and also blogging...

Hugs and kisses



The Old Lady said...

Its great to have an update from you.

wondy woman said...

Keep your head up, Handsome - you'll be fine. You shouldn't feel an ass about Redhead - these things happen - great to hear from you.

Peace & love

Wondy x