Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dum vixi tacui, mortua dulce cano.

"Living, I was mute, dead, I sweetly sing."

Tiny notes..... I have not received my computer home yet, probably around Monday or Thursday and If a lucky strike comes over the weekend.
I have so many things to say but short time.
Days are busy as hell two days ago I was working overnight on the project and hopefully by this weekend to end once and for all the project. I am quite happy specially for the effects of this project because it is going to help the zone and the greatest part is to help in the dark.
I was talking to one of my friends and We will have a meeting on June 8th to talk about spirituality and things that have been bothering me over these months only to concentrate my path because as I was telling her it really concerns me about not knowing if continue looking for love or just to wait love to knock my heart.
What She could tell me with the little time was that I have to complete the circles and as soon as I can to get back to my steady process of learning and She again confirmed some things I knew from long (things that I will talk in some months because right now it is not the moment to do so), the great part is from what I learned is that I need to keep listening and trying to help people around me and also to have my voice listened and that I am in good track in fact some results are coming ahead.

So well sleep tight and I hope to start loading material (Some writing,drawing and painting) over next week!!



The Old Lady said...

I've been wondering that myself lately
Do you wait for love to find you or do you go out there and try and find it?

wondy woman said...

I think it's a bit of both, June.