Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Devil is taking names.

My computer will be home this weekend!!!! Yay!!! Finally!!
Before going to sleep I was talking to my teacher the one I am working for the Workshop and I was telling him that for the Monography to get my degree I am going to design the interior space of the office of my brother and I told him I will use MURALISM, that means I will paint a mural in the office and obviously I will load the whole process in designing the pieces 3 in total so I will load the final idea concept and hopefully in less of a year to start painting the mural in his place and also I told him I wan to use Medieval Symbology and Esoterica (similar to what Hindu Architects are doing by using Vaastu spaces that is the basics to Fen Shui in the design of the office and I got the PERMIT!!!!!!
I will update this post tomorrow because I am going to bed now!!

Great day to all of you!!


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The Old Lady said...

i love the idea's you have for your brothers office.