Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pipis y Gallas.

Guys tiny lines again but hopefully in about 9 days everything comes to normality.

I am sorry for not catching up with loading images of the advances from new work of friends but I will add the links till I have time to load the images.

Well Raul Treviño one of the few guys here in my country who is just as nice and great person as his work is and now is celebrating that his Novelty and Opera Prima in terms of long story is going to be out for sale over the Salon de Comic de Barcelona.

You deserve the great things coming your way Raul!!

also the great Paco Najera is with a new baby comic for sale that is TARTESSOS.
He continues with the second chapter of TARTESSOS.
Even Saramago the great writer is in notice of this great pal!!

Now my turn as usual tomorrow you will have the next installment of Bodoque, I am ending the Saga of Sr. Blue and Capuchitas to continue with the regular story with the kids on the strip.
So enjoy tomorrow Number 45 of La Kodorniz !!!!!!!!

Today I did the English Exam from my school and I am sure I will pass it, also I am waiting for a letter from the Goverment office where I am doing my Social Service to inform the School that I have ended my Social Service (I am still working on the project and by may 24th to get done with it)...One step closer to finish my studies of Architercture...yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

Great frigging day!!!



The Old Lady said...

Im sure you passed your english exam.Good to catch up with you.

wondy woman said...

¡Jesús Antonio - le falto mucho, prisa detrás - esperanza de I he escrito esto en la lengua correcta - I pensó que intentaría mi mejor! ¡Y sí, tengo la ayuda de un traductor! ¡Los besos a usted y no pueden esperar para tenerle detrás a tiempo completo - también no puede esperar para oír más sobre su vida del amor - que lo encuentro muy interesante! Ame siempre a mujer de Wondy x

wondy woman said...

Jesus Antonio - it needs much, haste behind - hope of I I have written this in the correct language - I thought that the my best one would try! And yes, I have the aid of a translator! The kisses to you and cannot hope to have to him behind on time complete - also it cannot hope to hear more on his life of the love - that it very interesting encounter! Always love woman of Wondy x

Ricardo Vigueras said...

Jesus Antonio: Tartessos, by Paco Nájera and Santiago Girón is a great work. I guess that each number will improve storyline and characters.

By the way, I have a copy of Marzo for you, but I need your address to send it. Please, write me to

Best regards.

antonio said...

Ricardo thank you I am sending you a mail by Friday!!!

Wow!!! Thanks!!!!