Sunday, May 21, 2006

Love Equals Death in Minor Strokes

Well news and fast ones...
As you have noticed number 45 from La Kodorniz had an involuntary problem so it was published on Wednesday, well now it is number 46 out!!
So please be my guest and enjoy the new strip of Bodoque and a funny strange character.
Ricardo Thank you.. Thank.. you ...Thank you!!!!! I will send you a mail by Friday!!

About work I have not finished the project yet and it seems it will be a long long long night, from the timings We were working We suffered a delay so it means that I will be the next 3 days working at night and also trying to get done with the notes in the following mornings from my Workshop where I have a tiny delay and I need to combine this with my new teaching schedule and a private class I have.
Thanks God this will be the last busiest week of my life at least in terms of my career.

About Love Life well I will try to start talking about the whole scope on my classes and red head and cell phone girl but till next Friday when I receive my computer at home...Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!

So If nothing wrong happens by Friday I will start snooping around here with a lot of things to talk and report.

Great day!!!



Ricardo Vigueras said...

You welcome, Jesus Antonio. I´ll wait the mail.

Best regards.

The Old Lady said...

It will be nice to have you back posting regular