Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cruel jokes at my expense.

I will get my computer the early days of next week and this is probably my last post of the week due to the load of work I have from the Workshop and the Urban Planification.
Well today my friend called me to let me know that I will give classes to red head and cell phone girl for sure you can imagine how dumb I feel now...anyway I will just give my class and that is all. Funny how life insist in mocking at me...
I got the photos of my nephew but until I get my computer back I will post them.
Thanks June for the words...

I have some minutes to write this.
There is nice girl (that usually posts on another blog from a great fella and dude TreviƱo) that is really concerned about getting into the comic medium and I thought that these lines will be helpful to her and others (If I have some time I will translate them into spanish). I sent the same lines to an old friend of mine who was concerned on the same matter.

These lines can be useful for any profession but I will focus in the Comics.

1.-Define what is what you want to reach and obtain in the medium.
Make a list of all the activities you want to do in the comic industry and also why do you want to do them. It would be great if you write down 10 goals and chose only 3 of them just to concentrate your effort.
Be especific about Where do you want to work, where is the right place to move and what are the relations you need to get what you want.
Try to scribe (write down) the plans and goals as objective and accurate as possible. Be especific.

2.-What do you want to achieve? Personally and professionally.
Consider the resources you need and ask yourself If you already have them and If not how are you going to get them.
Define the question... How will I know that I reach the objective and goal? So you can have a clear idea on when to stop and reagroup the next plan.

3.-Take care and protect your goals
When you make the list always write them in a positive way if you write them in a negative way your brain will not accept what you are trying to accomplish.
All the planning will depend on only You and nobody else do not depend on others to obtain what you want. (You are going to depend on the approval of others but I am talking about your work and your craft do not expect others to encourage you or to tell you your flaws).
Stablish goals that are possible to reach (not small one but not so big that at the end only frustration arises).

4.-Make sure of.
To be willing to SACRIFICE and TO PAY THE PRICE from chosing to be a comic creator.
Watch out about the way you and your decision IMPACTS OTHERS. Make sure If you are okey about the way your decisions will affect your beloved ones.
If you follow all of this the main point is coherency and also that you have a big amount of Harmony that will built up your Essence. And by default you will learn your limits and accept them.

To be a comic creator is a hard decision to make...

Have a great day!!


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wondy woman said...

I cannot wait to see how your class goes! Miss you, Wondy x x