Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Negatio e Affirmatio

Quick lines as usual but some of them are nice ones!
Please Kino send me a mail to send you the info and sorry for the delay but you have seen I have been without a way to reach people.
Today is Mother's day here and well My Mom could not celebrate it with all of us, because one of my bothers is out of town because his wife is expecting a baby, so probably in some days there will be another Hernandez in this great and cruel world....!!!
I am now writing the report for the Urban Planification and on Friday We have the first revision to the project and in less of 10 days We have the deadline I am happy because I will get over with my Social Service and only devote myself to the Workshop and the Monography that I have to finish to finally get my degree in Architecture.
I need to pay over this week the Exam of second language that I will have on Saturday!.
Starting next month I will start my networking again and start planning the last part of the year to kick ass and get full time and full life into creating comics.
In about 7 or 8 days computer will be finally home...I have some new art to share so stay tune.
I have painted the cover for the project Wicth and I will have a kind of contest with it.

Have a great day and kisses and hugs to everyone!!



The Old Lady said...

Looking forward to seeing some more of your artwork

AnnaRaven said...

hey babes!
Glad to see you around.
Good luck with the exam. I can't wait to see that fantastic new art of yours!