Sunday, November 05, 2006

Love for Dummies:Say with your mouth what your face tells.

It´s been quite a long time without talking about my sucky lovelife, isn´t it?.
Well many things have happened but at the same time nothing.

Story One.
I am still in love (at this point I am not really fond of using the word...) with Glossy Lips (yeah I know She said some time ago She didn´t want to be more than friends specially talking to what happened with "Psycho girl" the friend of Glossy lips). I am starting to do something similar to what I used to do with You know who, I mean to try not to get in the same path or same places where I know Glossy lips is, but two weeks ago I saw her again in the bus stop and I just couldn´t help and We started talking, for the record She has been saying nothing about a next going out and I haven´t asked her more because She only nods her head like saying that She doesn´t know when, anyway, that day I saw her in the bus stop We started again with that teasing We do and the same kind of hand play, Her bus was coming and I told her that If She should stay longer and to my surprise She told me "Why don´t you get in the same bus I take and We continue talking there and you drop off in the place you normally do?, well I got into the bus and We continued the conversation, She was telling how great She feels in the school and as usual I didn´t talk too much about me or what I am doing mainly not to jinx some plans I have.
Well my bus stop was near and I said goodbye to her and as soon as I was out of the bus I was thinking "damn! I still have this crush on her!".
Should I tell her that I still have this crush? Damn feelings!!

Story Two (New one!)
There is a girl in the past month that I think has feelings for me and I can say I like her so three weeks ago, I decided to confront her and ask her out and to see What was going on between my dumbness the day I was decided to talk to her She left early the place, two weeks ago when I was again willing to ask her She was sick and I didn´t see her, and this week I was so busy grading an exam I was doing that I couldn´t reach her on time. Hopefully I will ask her next week.

Story Three (New one!).
A month ago a girl gave me away 4 poems written by her, I am sure She feels something for me but She hasn´t told me anything, if something develops or stops I will talk about it.
I have to be honest here, this girl is nice and I haven´t pictured her out or in my life so I have no idea...I guess I will let time tell.

Story Four (Yesterday!)
Damn! Damn! Damn!.
Yesterday I was feeling blue specially about the situation with Glossy Lips or the girl that I want to talk but I haven´t , so my friend, Yes the one who dances Tango invited me Donwtown to spy on some other dancers, so We went there and to my surprise He saw at the distance a friend of his, and they started dancing in the same place, I have to say my friend is a nice dancer and I was impressed, but I was astonished because I REALLY DIGGED THIS GIRL friend of my friend, I mean I was not attracted to her beauty it was about her personality, I mean Outgoing, smart, friendly,charming...I was so impressed that I asked my friend If He can tell her that I really like her.
To see this girl gave me a new dimension, I mean I was watching a real WOMAN and not the tiny toons or dumb girls I have been seeing and dating over these years, She has a boyfriend but do I care?? Nope!.
Probably nothing will happen but I guess it is worth the try! :)

Have a great day!!



wondy woman said...

For what it's worth I think go for all of them except Glossy Lips - she knows the score, don't let her drag you on again, please? If she wants to take things further the ball is in her court, so to speak.

Don't get hurt by her.

And wow! a girl gave you 4 poems? I like her style!

The Old Lady said...

I have to agree with Wondy that i think you should stay away from Glossy Lips.She sounds very much like someone else and you'd be foolish to go down that road again.