Monday, November 27, 2006

The Joke was on me.

Carlos is damn cute, isn´t He?. Well,I was using this weekend for some things mainly to start having some plans for the future, I still haven´t heard anything from a proposal a friend and I have in reviews to be approved, I am more than sure that it will happen, just a matter of time and only when everything has thumbs up I will start blogging about it, in the meantime let me give you and inside of what are facts and what will happen by the mid part of 2007.
I always wanted my artwork to start being published overseas, and well next year Spain, USA, Italy and France are my priorities, and for a funny situation, I guess in 2007 my work will be also published over Argentina. I have two proposals in Argentina, both of them from some solid and great colectives and that is great because I can explore some ideas I have on my mind and well I am showing the dummy cover of a HORROR title I will write and draw called PIEL in English "Flesh" as soon as I have something more to show I will do so. I also started a comission for a friend of mine and I will finish it by next week and mailing it flat straight to my friend.
Have a great day!

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wondy woman said...

Jesus Antonio, Carlos is so cute! And also, I love that drawing of the dagger, I love your use of colour, I can't wait for you to take Europe by storm!