Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Toi & Moi 2006

I was invited by a friend who is really nice as a person and used to live in France for a while to watch a movie.
It is a chick flick and quite corny...I mean If you are used to the way french people tell stories this is a nice option. I had a nice time even from the fact of the usage of some corny photo montage part of the way of telling the story.
The script was good in fact I have to recognize some (two lines to be specific) incredible clever lines on the script.
The movie is Toi et Moi 2006.
The director is Julie Lopes Curval.

I am warning you it is not for every taste and probably some might say that the movie in directing aspects is quite lame but I can not complain at least it was not like the regular french ending where I just finish confused as hell.

Have a great day!!


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The Old Lady said...

It doesnt look like my kind of,i think i will pass on that.Good for you to watch it all though.