Friday, November 24, 2006

Do not screw things up by thinking negatively.

First things first!
You are right June, I mean to watch the movie Toi et Moi way!! But to watch it to see different approaches to movies it was really fun.
Amigo Sergio I am so happy you like KILLOLA!
Stay tuned for the news on the Cover work for them!!!
Dadicus great to see your lately coloring work!!
Amigo Nik....I just saw the mail today so I hope to get in touch in a couple of days!!
Wondy as usual an eternal thank you!!
Heather I am working this weekend on what We talked lately!!.
Christina I am responding in this week to your mail!
Chuck.....I am so happy to hear from you again!!!
Dan I hope everything is going well and that you are much better!!

Well the tittle was the recommendation that my spiritual guide gave me yesterday and I will follow the advice, and in fact I have been much better and with less pressure...I was talking 3 days ago with my teacher and advisor of my thesis and I will have the Xmas vacation to get done with my Thesis~Monography. So according to him I need to check the paper work I need over the first days of Dec or the last week of Nov, so in January to have all the paper required to start the tramit of my thesis, and my main goal is to get it done by December 20th, and not to worry any longer about it so I can get involved in my comic and design work the first week of Jan.
I even talked to a nice friend and He will kindly pass my plans into Autocad so I will work on my Monography without worries on that matter.
Mom is a little sick again but I hope She recovers soon in her posibilities.. She suffers some neurophaties complicated with artritis and diabetes!.
And I was promised some comic work from some great friends so everything is going really Damn Fine!

Have a great day!



wondy woman said...

Good title for a post - and also, love you Jesus Antonio.

I hope your Mama gets better soon, I will think of her from here and pray she feels much better soon x

antonio said...

thanks Wondy the problem is that in Mom´s situation it is just a matter of good days and bad days actually, so I hope next year to start having a good finantial state to take care of her in a more deep way!!

kISSES!! Thanks for the prayers And Happy post- Birthday!!!