Sunday, November 19, 2006

Love for Dummies: Now is the Age. Ha!

This is not what I was about to post today but something happened to me and well it is just confirming everything and nothing again about my lovelife.
Yesterday, I entered to check my mails (btw I have tons of mails to answer back) and as I know I NEVER enter to the Messenger mainly because I do not have the time or the willing to do so, but yesterday while trying to recover from my back ( I have a severe pain in the back mainly for being in my classes all the time standing up, btw I will enter into my normal eating regimen tomorrow).
Well the case is that I entered into the chat room and I saw someone that I haven´t seen in ages, I have to add that I know this girl since She was 15 years, literally!!, now She is in her nineteens or twenties, and what I was amazed from her was the fact of being a really nice girl and intelligent, I can say the word AMAZINGLY SMART, and really earth centered in few words I always thought that If I ever had a child girl I would love to raise her as the girl I am mentioning.
I can not totally say I had a crushed on her it was more like an admiration, I mean I know I have my own boundaries and in this case I have to say that I liked this girl in a nice way.
Well in the track of the conversation She just told me that I was one of her platonic loves since We met eachother, and for the first time I didn´t know what to do or how to react.
I mean, I have also to say that I guess by now She might be really gorgeous because when I met her She was cute... but as far as I know The age was the issue for her to tell me her feelings in the past...and now well time has passed and that itch She had for me just faded away or at least the intention to start something.
So my regular question comes..why the people who loves me, or sees who I am truthfully or has a crush on me has a problem or maybe the situation it is not the right one or for instance in this case the issue is the age?.
She also said that If I were her age She would be crazily in love with me!!!

Hahahahahah!!! Who might wonder that, right?

See you tomorrow!!

In case you ask me about what I will do MY ANSWER IS : NOTHING. :) (I guess it is just a matter of common sense) :)

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