Thursday, November 16, 2006

The New Coach.

At last!
Hugo Sanchez Marquez has that kind of prophet tongue.He always wanted to be the coach of the Mexican Selection and today He has been elected.
This is going to be his great Triumph of His worst Failure... I just hope He works instead of talking...!
I am happy with the decision but I am a little hesitant.
Just time will tell!


Post Scriptum.

Guys tomorrow I will answer the posts and I will try to talk about the things going on recently..btw
Thank you as always to Wondy and to June!!
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wondy woman said...

We love you Jesus Antonio!

I am anxious to know what is happening with you x x

The Old Lady said...

I was also wondering you seem to og gone quiet.Hopefully it is all good and good luck with your christmas presents.