Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Do you remember some time ago I was working in the identification card for one of my best friends and also a great guy who is teaching classes of Tango in my hometown?, well He studied with me the career and for a funny way He feels He is also an artist so He is being a real bitch (bitch in a nice way I mean If it were someone else I would have already told him something, but I know him and I know He doesn´t mean harm), Well He feels like an artist so When I showed him the first version of the cards He rejected it, telling that was kind of chessy to have a star.
Well on his defense I have to say that He has been hell patient with me because as knowing I am not charging him anything for this work, it is a gift for him, and besides this as I am not getting paid He has to wait for my free times to do this work, He smartly gave me a good idea in fact three more but as He knows If He wants me to draw all the versions He has to wait a long long time.
One of his ideas was to drop the star and to add more dancers around and I have to say his idea seems good.
The obssesive of me proposed him a second option based on his take and I guess this is my favorite piece of all, knowing my friend and how picky He is He will say that black is not the color nowadays, hahahah well, sorry for him because He will wait more time for another version but in the overall I like this result.
Have a nice night!

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