Saturday, November 25, 2006

Project: KILLOLA ))

This is a kind of behind the scenes!!
This is the preliminar talking to KILLOLA (yes the amazing band Sergio and I like!!!!!) to start having our own brainstorming and because of that I am keeping some information reserved to us.
I have sent the rough sketches so We can define the right choice or the possible solution based on the previous work.
These rough sketches are for me a simple way to send some ideas and at the same time not to waste time and effort.
I have 4 options but these options can be melted into one or can be the first step for another idea KILLOLA or I come up with.
I already have my fave but it is up to Lisa, Dan, Mike and Johnny from KILLOLA to choose the right option.

I imagine Lisa sitting on the grave while the rest of the guys are behind her, not necessarily standing still in fact we can think in the way you will be portrayed but I would like everybody at least for option one to look at the front part of the camera or in this case the Cover.
Lisa can be holding a gun, or a bat or whatever She may like.
The grave will be showcased in the way to say that you damaged the friggin grave..

It is a similar version the first one but it is more concentraded on the look of you guys, Lisa is embracing the grave with a bad ass look and you guys in the same attitude at her back.
As some of you might notice I am triying in both options to create for the viewer a triangle shape that permits me to concentrate the attention in what is the main motto of the design!!
In the grave You can also tell me If you have an epitaph to design over the grave.
The idea has to be as IRONICAL AS POSSIBLE.!!!

This works as a gag, You guys are attending a funeral and while everybody is mourning the loss, you are just having the ball and making fun of them!.

This is a sarcastic version and you are in the cemetery and looking to a digged hole where the grave is going to be and you guys are pointing at the hole trying to say that MAYBE THE NEXT ONE IS YOU!!

Normally the rough ideas look childish but as soon as We agree on which is the best option, You will start to see the drawings in a more professional way.

Thanks again to KILLOLA!!!!

Have a great Day!!

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wondy woman said...

Those are some wicked cool ideas there, Jesus Antonio - I will follow this project with interest. You are so talented, everything you touch should turn to gold, you lucky soul.

x x x

wondy woman said...

Ps. Lisa is very cool x

antonio said...

This project has a great star and great vibe so I am sure this will rock people out!!!
and yes Lisa is just amazing!!!


Killola said...

Hi JesusAntonio!
How's it goinn????