Saturday, April 29, 2006

One Beer and Ketchup.

Again a friend let me use his computer at this time of the night while drinking one beer (He says I am crazy for asking him to use his computer at this time), it is my first beer and only one in many months as is really hot today.
I will apply for some time what Bonita Anita does that is to keep quiet and silent about the future plans at least the ones I am working on.

Lovely Lisa sorry about your cut on the hand I hope you recover soon.
Great vacation time to you June.
Wondy kisses to you as usual.
Rainy Pete thanks for the wishes.

About the computer well I will receive my computer in about 15 days(hopefully) from what I heard from my friend technician this guy really fried and screwed the computer. I am thinking in advance and I will increase its memory to the triple and the speed in the ram so I will have a nice computer of battle for at least two years.
I also asked this friend for a tablet to use and start learning to draw using the computer.
About the money I was in need happen the Accounting office did not authorized the payment but a friend help me to get my money by doing something else so next week I will know the day I will receive that money that obviously will be to pay the fix of the computer.
I have some new plans about interviews and tutorials but probably will be as soon as I have my computer that also helps me to have time to keep working on the workshop and the Urban Planification.
I designed a logo for a company so I will load that too.

Lovelife... well I was reading the advise of June (thanks a lot) my only problem is that I will not see her till May 17th . I do not know I am really crushed and smashed about whole the situation.

Finally please remember that the new installment of Bodoque will be out next Sunday (I did the impossible to send the collaboration but I did it).
Hope you enjoy it!


I need to finish my beer and Well See you in some days!


Post Script...
Listened to the music of
Dandy Warhols.
I had again the fortune to watch Tepeyac a silent movie done in Mexico in 1917.When I am back I promise to write about some of the greatest silent movies done in my country like Tepeyac or La Banda del Carro Gris.


wondy woman said...

Kisses Jesus - I miss you bad!!

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...


can you send me your home address... just email it to me...
i am on vacation right now...:)

The Old Lady said...

It sucks not having a computer.We all miss having you around.Kisses to you.