Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Luchas Night...not as it was expected!

Today was really weird because the night was expected to be much much better, it was a very good show but not as I was expecting it.
I can say that the highlights of the night were as usual Okumura,Alex Koslov and Sangre Azteca they really fought incredibly well.
And the main show was ok... Dr Wagner Jr was good but for a certain reason I can not understand He was like absent minded in fact He was bleeding after a hard hit on his head done by Atlantis.
The audience me included normally shout our hearts out cheering "Wagner" "Wagner" but not today I arrived with my normal voice at home and that is really not common after coming back from a show displayed by Wagner.
As usual I bought my mask of Dr. Wagner :) and He kindly signed a copy of the piece I did for the Arena.
So it was a good day but I did not enjoy it as I normally do, maybe I am pmsing!!! :)
Have a great day!!

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