Monday, June 11, 2007


Hey guys, a little update on the things that I am doing, yesterday was funny I had a good time with my girl and I also received a phone call from Dan , I already talk to him about the timings for THE UNWANTED by the way I am looking for a professional colorist for the project, I have one person on mind but I will talk to him over the days and in case He is not available I will look for one... I still need to talk to Sean and Nik about the timings specially knowing that these 15 or 20 days I will be concentrated with my Thesis.
The word on the thesis is this...I have about 20 days to show 3 printed versions of the Monography to start the check ups and in case that is accepted the only missing part will be an oral exam based on the Monography and ta da!!!, Over the Weekend I went with my girl to buy some books to base my Thesis and I am missing the plans so hopefully this week I will be done with the interior design of the office and I will have the plans done over this week or next and a couple of interviews to show as my analog samples to contrast my own work and the work of others.
Today was just a bit boring I went too early to the school were I teach to send a paper to tramit another payment (June), they still owe me part of April (missing papers from what I was told), then I visited the people in the Arena to ask them what is the new work... I didn´t see them but I sent them a message with a person, after that I went to a school to look for information for my Thesis.
The great part is that after going to that school I had to wait over 2 hours to go to the public school were I teach, I didn´t have enough time to return home and take a nap so I decided to take a route that crosses the entire city and I had my nap over the bus...1 hour of great sleep!!
Have a great time and see you over the days!!!
Yeap!! Tomorrow is Luchas night!!!

Thanks to all the people writing comments over the days I hope to respond soon!! :)


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