Wednesday, June 13, 2007

La Lucha se hace o se hace la Lucha.

I never expected to have some news about my artwork and Luchas but surprisingly I do have them.!!!!!
Over this week I will know the new Poster work I have to do for the Arena of my town so expect news and new art about it soon (as soon as the work is displayed on the streets) and also I guess they will use my artwork in a TV show from my hometown at this moment I do not know my involvement in the project but it seems that I will have my art displayed on it from what I was told.
I have two more news about expositions and my art.
Over two months or so I will have an exposition Lucha related in my hometown in the most important museum of my city, 4 of the most incredible Lucha photographers in my town and I (in the illustration and Art work) will have an exposition. It will be called "5 views of Lucha Libre" or "5 miradas en la Lucha Libre". And I was kindly invited by one of the photographers that is organizing the event so expect news in the moment that I have them.
Also another exposition Lucha related will be showcased in Toluca a city near Mexico DF and in this exposition done also in the most important places of Toluca will be displayed the art of the most important designers, comic book authors and illustrators from my country. I have the month of September as the proper time for the Exposition so I will have more news about this exposition soon but from what I heard big names over the comic industry in my country and the best graphic designers are attending.
So I am grateful to what is coming!!!!

Have a great day!


David Braña said...

Has visto los personajes de Evil War coloreados? Qué te parecen? A mí me gustan bastante. Por cierto, para mover el proyecto necesitamos alguna paginita dibujada ¿no?
Un abrazo!

antonio said...

dame esta semana y la otra para echarle mano a mi tesis y empiezo dos paginas para que muevas todo...a mi me esta encantando todo!!!
Un abrazo y sigueme teniendo paciencia!!