Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Boat 1921.

I finally had the time to watch this incredible movie done by Buster Keaton and the great Eddie Cline as an incredible duo they made this movie over 1921 and I am stealing a sum up from a website describing the movie.
The most famous of the three was the boat in Keaton's short The Boat (1921). In the film, Buster has built a boat in his house and called it Damfino, presumably meaning "damn fine." By the end of the film, he has successfully demolished his house, drowned his car, sunk the boat, and Buster and his little family are lost, washed up after a storm at night on a deserted beach. "Where are we?," asks Buster's wife.
"Damfino," he replies, shrugging his shoulders.

So please watch this movie If you have the chance!!

I am just Damfino!!

Have a great day!!

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