Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holy Cow! Great Colors!

Oh My God! I opened my mailbox today and I saw a message from Mike the Editor of the Luchas Anthology and what is my surprise that this drawing, done by truly yours, will be colored by the amazing friend of mine RAUL TREVIÑO!!!!!!.(In case you do not know from him, I really doubt it, He is a former professional working in his own creator series: La Danza de la Conquista for the Spaniard market and working as a colorist for Marvel).
I am so happy because this will be my second time working together (The first time If you remember was an experiment of drawing a Thor for our own blogs just for the fun of it).
Rulo, Mike and you Viejo (Paco Espinoza) THANK YOU!!!!
I will send more info as soon as I have it!!! :)



Antonio Torres said...

wow!!! que chingon tocayo!!!! si me acuerdo del thor...esta bien chingon!!!!

Paco Espinoza said...

Viejo viejo... ya quiero verla impresa!!!

un abrazo. :D