Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Black lines said by Black Lips,

This is a Japanse movie that I saw some months ago but till now I am giving the review, It is a quite decent movie done in 2006, I am not saying is that good because for a strange reason the director set the speed a bit slower and the ending is not good enough but in fact is a very good horror movie with some highlight scenes.. The movie is 29 FEB.Watch it!!!
Please stay away from this horrible movie is a real shame that the Murder of this cut in half girl with a lot of problems became just the awful subplot of a lame movie, I was really dissapointed of the script and the way De Palma directed this movie...nothing worth to mention..well yes....the coffee that I drank while watching it was good...!
Have a great day!!


David Braña said...

Sobre 29 FEB. ¿está en español? Me ha picado la curiosidad... Un abrazo!

antonio said...

sip nada mas que no se si en Espana la tienen tambien doblada al espanol...si no la encuentras te puedo mandar mi copia...Un abrazo David!!