Sunday, March 11, 2007

I yam what I yam.

How am I? I still dunno I was having a hard pain in the third chain of the spinal chord and I will visit a chiropractic and from what He told me last time I need to start practicing a sport and also lose some pounds. The girl I am dating is really understanding and nice and I will see her over next Tuesday just to go out somewhere, to be honest I still have no good or bad feelings about the situation but I won´t think about it and I will let just time talk (If We long together great If not..great!There is one situation that a friend of mine make me notice but I will talk about it in a Love for Dummies section over the Easter Vacation times).
I am talking with my advisor in a matter of hours and based on that and some stuff I need to figure out I will start talking. I have also a new plan happens that a friend of mine has a relative living in Finland and I am trying to figure out the way to visit Finland at least for a vacation term and I need to contact a friend of mine to see If I can visit Brujas (BRUGGE) in Belgium in less of a year.
Good news about comic work!!! I will have in some weeks my first serious interview for a comics webpage in English and I am excited because a very good friend of mine will do it. Scotty thank you so much!!!
So stay tune for the interview!!!
Heather thank you so much for the comment I appreciate it a lot!
For the last but not the least I quick message in spanish!! :) Holas David y Victor ya espero esta semana saber como arreglar mis horarios y espero en base de eso ya por fin mandar cosas, el status esta sencillo ya empece a entintar el trabajo de Victor por lo menos tengo ya una pagina y media hecha, de David ya solo me falta entintar los bocetos que tengo y mandar los dibujos a Toño Torres asi que solo tenganme mucha paciencia y saben que los estimo un monton buenos amigos!!!

Great day to all of you!!


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