Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why are people so Mean?

First a Meme and then my comment...
Four jobs I have had in my life
I worked in a chain of English schools named HH for Seven years.
I worked in Catastro a goverment office for a year
I worked in Sedesol another govermente office for a year too.
I am working in the school were I am now and this is my year number 8.

Four movies I would watch over and over
Los Tres Garcia
The General
Cinema Paradiso

Four shows I love
Mad About You
Six million Dollar Man
Comet Baton Girl
The Wonder years

Four of my favourite foods are
Picadillo that in English could be Meat Balls
Enchiladas Verdes

Four places I have been on vacation for a long time
Mexico DF
Sierra Gorda Queretana

Four places I would rather be right now
USA (Indiana, Texas, Los Angeles)
Brugge in Belgium

I was having my class and one of my students told me that one of his teachers reffered to me as a nice guy that He likes, but the majority of the coworkers there do not!!!...*sight*
I do not feel bad to be honest but only confirms my thoughts of certain people around there, it does not make sense that because I am always on time, I do not compliment anyone in order to get extra bonuses or attentions and do my work I have to receive that kind of comments.

I hope Karma does its own work at proper time!!!

Be good!


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