Sunday, March 18, 2007

Luchas Night! The Relic Night!

These are the pictures from last Friday!
I have to say that it was a decent show not the best but a decent one in fact the stars of the night were Negro Navarro (the bold wrestler, and it is really amazing!!), El Hijo del Diablo (He was fooling around and it was fun to see that)and Black Terry the old guy with his head shaved, We even got some superheroes fighting...hahaha I felt for a moment that I was in Six Flags (an amusement park in my country) hahaha....!
About the night with Mil Mascaras well I couldn´t get a signature from him but I could have a picture with him and I will post it tomorrow, I have to say that Mil Mascaras is a person to admire I mean He is not anymore in his splendor but keeps himself fighting (I do not know if to write about it but I am sure He is really ill but maybe is just the years, I mean Mil mascaras is reaching his 70´s) but I could see the great respect all the people (wrestlers and included) had for this amazing wrestler.
Have a nice day!!

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