Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wotta Nitemare?...Not really!.

I am coming back from a Funeral, well it happens that one of the boys who studied with me in the Bachelor´s Workshop died yesterday and after this kind of things everything is on perspective again.
I went with my advisor to the Chapel and it is really sad to see someone as young as this friend of mine dead.
After the visit We were talking about my situation and I asked him that I would like an extension in my paper, so tomorrow I am going with him to planify the letter and to start everything asap, from what I know I will have an extension of 3 more months not to lose my money and my Workshop and as my Teacher and Advisor told me some minutes ago..C´mon you have done almost the impossible and after getting this close, JUST THE LAST KICK!!. So He is right and I need to focus on my thesis.
Great day to you all!!


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jar417 said...

Im so sorry about the passing of your friend.