Thursday, March 01, 2007

Procrastinator just call me that.

I have been having some issues in terms of timings so that is one of the reasons I have been quite erratic in posting lately.
I am still behind schedule with my Thesis in fact I am having dinner with my advisor so We can figure out the proper way to start the paperwork, one of my friends is helping me in processing the plans in Autocad and I need to use the weekend to write the development in the planification, so depends on today and what my advisor will SAY.
I need to finish a Cover of Violet the great character of My friend Sergio Bleda.
I started reading Rocket Girl 3 and I am starting to figure out all the panel work.
I need to upload the 3 images that I have done to David and as We can see the project has a great look, I am still trying to figure out the proper way to draw the demons, I do not want to use the classical cliches so I am involved in finding another way to show them.
I am expecting the script of The Unwanted written by Dan mainly to draw the paneling work and the sequences without inconsistencies.
I am translating something for a friend of mine over the week so He can publish the book in Spain, guess what He was so nice to offer me a copy of the book.
I hope to start inking the pages of Victor Alos over this following week.
I have some news about People magazine and truly yours!!!
Damn so many things to do!!
I got position number 6 over the contest...and I am happy with the result!!
I am really busy aside my daily jobs....
Killola work is still pending, I need some photos to start working.
I owe some collaborations but I think that till next month I will be able to get done with that.

Have a great day!!


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