Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Excited...!!!! Yeaph!

I will keep this post a bit brief because tomorrow I will get back to news and reports in a more deep way.
I am excited because next Friday I have again Luchas night but this is really special because I will meet for my first time MIL MASCARAS that is just THE icon in the Wrestling Field, He fought in USA, JAPAN many places in LATIN AMERICA and obviously in my country, let me put in this way He was the only mexican wrestler that has had more recognition Overseas even more than Santo in terms of Internationality.
Please keep checking the music tracks because I am including more and more music while using my computer.
Artwork...well probably I will share something new tomorrow am answering an interview that a nice pal is doing to me to promote my work and start the plans I have in mind.Wait for the link to this web page so you can read the full interview and If I have some time in a matter of weeks to translate it into Spanish...!
Daniel Best thank you for including me in your article...I really appreciate it and I am happy for the good news about the book!!!

Have a great day!


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