Thursday, March 29, 2007

Changing my thouhgts for granted.

I really thinking and thinking about my life recently and I am going to make some changes starting now.
Probably If the following things seem like nonsense for you, do not worry, because for me They are not.

My Family and All my close friends, all my lurkers, all my students,all my friends here in the reality and in the virtuality that I will see one day again or face to face, I am sure of that.
I want to thank the work I have and the people around me.

Mi Familia y a todos mis amigos, a los que me visitan por este lugar, a mis alumnos, a todos mis amigos en la realidad y en la virtualidad que los volvere a ver o los vere por primera vez de muchas, de eso estoy mas que seguro.
Quier agradecer el trabajo que tengo y a la gente a su alrededor.

Finally I am having the guts to provoke the changes I want to feel good.

Be good and Have a great day!!


I am still pending the permit to start my paperwork but I am sure I will get it for no news on the matter till returning from the Easter break.

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