Sunday, March 04, 2007

Boys are from Martz and girls from Venus

I have been busy this weekend doing something different (at least from my comic work), well the nice Julio F. Martinez aka MART a nice incredible guy and also a member of our house The AACE and also working for the great magazine El Batracio Amarillo is working in a life time project that is a silent comic talking about the work of the most famous ART GENIUSES, He will showcase this comic over the next Ficomic and He was in some distress some time ago and you know how fate has strange paths, He neeeded some translation work and happens that I am the former translator from Spanish to English of the Appendix of this incredible comic!!
If you see him buy this comic that from what I can infer will be a great buy!
Visit his place!!

Good luck and Mart gracias por la confianza!!!


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