Saturday, March 31, 2007

Between Carnal and Angelical Flesh.

I have been having a lot of changes lately, specially personal ones for funny that it sounds I feel good even from the fact of some important decisions I have to make in the personal front, as usual I ask you guys to pray for me so I can keep the track of everything specially my plans and try to be as coherent as possible with life itself.
Last Tuesday I went to have my annual chakra´s and spiritual´s checking with some friends of mine, and I really feel great because in that evaluation I was checking that in less of two years I have learned so many things and obviously more are to come, for the first time I learned the purpose of some things I couldn´t figure out before.
Just wish me luck and I hope that by Friday to start talking about the first part of the changes I am making and I have received.
In case you ask me about the image aside the post, yeaph!!!... it was drawn and inked by me and it is just a tiny tiny sneak peek of the project called ROJO.
I selected the image because I was talking to Nik and a friend of his wants a tattoo of an angel and I will work on it in some months and because Nik knows I believe in them what a better excuse to show you the image of one of the characters from ROJO.
About Comic Work:
I am waiting for the link of the interview I did last week for Silver Bullet Comics so I can also send it to my contacts to start working of Comic Work gigs for this year and forth.
I am drawing over tomorrow afternoon and Monday some stuff I owe to friends and on Wednesday I am starting the paneling work of THE UNWANTED and I am planning to explain how I work over the pages of THE UNWANTED here in the blog.
I am also waiting for the questions of the second interview from the Mag that was so kind to ask me for it.Also I am becoming the former translator of a very good friend of mine and his work from now on, so no complaints at all.
About my thesis I will work on it the week that I am on vacation so I can show it when We return from vacation to my advisor and see the word on the approval or rejection to start tramiting my paperwork.
Have a great day!!


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