Monday, July 02, 2007

An Anarchist Member and Swords of Desperation.

Last Week was Mayheim and this one will be even worst, I have talked to my advisor from the thesis and He told me that I have to get done with the Monography before Thursday what it means that I won´t sleep today and tomorrow night to finish the main core of the Design Progress, besides that We suffered an electrical shutdown while I was working on my thesis, nothing was lost thankfully but the only thing I can see is that my computer slowed down a bit, everything is working properly but that slow gets on my nerves, I hope that it gets fixed by itself and If not I will send it to fix it as soon as I am done with the Monography, I was also told that I will receive the plans by Wednesday so I need to ask my friend to work a bit faster to have them tomorrow night or Wednesday morning to start the tramit paper that is the first page on my Monography to start the final check up or check ups.
Yes, as you see I took photos of my English class students in our final day of the Semester (not all of them came) and well I was asked to continue giving classes to them so I am happy, You can see my nephew back and We were playing with him disguising him as a punk member.
Last image is part of my Monography and well as knowing I am using Art Noveau and Fen shui in my design you can see the mural that will be in the right wall of the Hall, having the Justice and in all the design a Ying and Yang background.
Be good and in case I am not present is because I continue being busy with this thesis but I will have the last kick at least from this month (till I receive the Monography checked up stating the changes in need to get done with it and have my final date to present it in a final oral exam).
Have a great day!!
Amigo Sergio que bueno que ya estas mejor!!!!


Antonio Torres said...

Pues hechele ganas tocayo!!!! mucho cafe y coca para las desveladas.....oye y el dibujo super rifado!!!!!!

jar417 said...

Lovely pics of your nephew and the kids in your class.I hope you can get your thesis finished soon.