Monday, July 30, 2007

The Toll of the Sea 1922

The Toll of the Sea is an american silent movie Directed by Chester M. Franklin and incredibly acted by Ann May Wong, this is probably the first time I recommend a movie not by the script but by the incredible acting of the actress, I as blown by the way She acted. In case you want another catch to see the movie from what I read this is one of those rare pieces of silent movies done in 2 colored plates red and green so it seems as If it were in technicolor.
The only bummer is that the ending is not anymore in existance due to the destruction of the last part. Seems like those Chaplin french copies that were destructed in Europe and the only good copies were in existance in Mexico, they found the original plates but the ending was missing a shame but there is an ending filmed in 1985 for the movie.
But a great movie to see..

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