Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grotesque Pantomime.

There are some things I do not like about my culture to be honest and those things are about the way some of us always want to take advantage of the inferior or weak. I was really annoyed yesterday(well the word is pissed off :) ).
Do you remember I have my computer giving me problems and told you also that the people checking my computer were looking forward to set more memory and have an extra cost for the install ?(thing that in my naiveness I was willing to pay...I mean If they are professional, I agreed to send the computer to them today to start the fixing and to pay an advance), I was also realizing that even from the fact that I paid for the first previous fixing the computer was exactly with the same problem being slow as hell). Well during one of my classes on Saturday I was in help of a very nice person Francisco Javier and thereafter Enrique (thank you so much!!!), and well They checked my computer on Monday...seems there was only a conflict with an antivirus (the yellow and green colored one...do not buy it, it is useless!!!!) with the software, so it was only a thing of eliminating the antivirus and set a different antivirus and voila...!.
I was so mad at the other guys for trying to stiff me, that is what I do not like of my culture and some people.

I am still checking and checking my computer the one I call "for Battles" (it is a little old but it has been working with ups and downs, I know that this computer will help me for a year more and then I will buy a new one based on the comic work load I have and I will have...in fact I am in receiving a graphic tablet in two days ( the tablet not expensive, not cheap) as my first one to start knowing the proper way to draw without pen and paper, so in case I am absent is because I am still checking my computer and drawing the Comic work I owe...:).
Be good and take care!!


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