Thursday, July 05, 2007

I will be a while...

Hey guys as you noticed I blogged today a lot, well I am sending my Monography for the checking up tomorrow and it will be delivered by the first days of August (a recommendation of my advisor), so that gives me extra time for the details and the changes done after the first check up of my Advisor.
Finally my Monography is almost done so in case that I need to change something it will only take me about an daily hour of the following month and only that ...this means that starting MONDAY, I will be working only in COMIC ARTWORK so expect news over the month.

As I wrote some days ago I suffered a mild electrical shutdown while I was working in my computer and it is taking me ages to turn this computer on, so probably tomorrow my computer will be sent for repairing what it means that maybe I will be out of blogging for some days..days that I will only use for comic work and all the panel work and proposals I have in line.

So in the meantime I am loading a piece that will be displayed hopefully over my hometown next week.
Take care and I hope you enjoy these days off as I will do!!

Btw I am expecting in the following two months to print a comic book with the recent work I have done over the year and also to use it for the conventions I will attend next year so I will let you know how to get it from me in case you can not go to the conventions I am going this year and next!! Be good!


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