Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting back to roots...

Nik!!!!!!! I already saw your mail (You are incredible, thanks I hope to get my time over tomorrow and write you down...I am working in Rocket!! Yay!!!).
This weekend was really good in fact I devoted it to my personal life, I went to a Huapangueada and also to measure and cut all the paper to be in use for all the proposals and Comic Work I am involved.
By the way I already sent a mail to Sean telling him about the timings for LCSG (I have to say that I am loving the way Sean tells the story), I am working today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in the proposal pages of The Unwanted so hopefully this Friday to send a mail to Dan (did I say Dan is really funny and is or was an stand up comedy man? and reflects in his writing that is really hilarious!!!) and also to my colorist.
I wanted to name the post back to the roots because mostly all this previous comic work I am doing is HORROR and SUSPENSE...thing that I love to draw and write...
Probably in a couple of weeks I will load a preview of Rocket Girl 3 so stay tuned!!!!

Have a great day!!

Ahhhhh my recommendation of the Viridiana that is an incredible story directed by Luis Bunuel and acted by Silvia Pinal.

Have a great day!!!


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