Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Choco Tour and Punani.

Nik Amigo, Today I received some stuff from you!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you... thank you thank you...I am on page 4 and starting 5 of Rocket so just wait till I have the pages inked to start showing the stuff here. Sorry for not responding fast enough!!!
Dan, I read the mail expect some words soon.
Well tomorrow will be a little busy so I am just showing here what I have been doing over the past days. I already finished the proposal of The Unwanted I guess I still miss two more pages with action on it, I will ask Dan to show the work We have and there after based on what the Editor says to see If they also want the action packed pages to make their mind, (I am sure they will like the work for sure).
I am starting to draw the pages of Last Chance for School Girls written by Sean and hopefully by the weekend to have some penciled stuff to show here.
I am working in a piece of a relative famous contest in my town, My advisor and friend and I will be painting the mold given by the Organizers and the theme well LUCHAS...Btw I worked in another piece for the Arena (The organizers of the Lucha events are always so respectful and kind with me) and I have the new poster being glued on walls all over my town so I can not complain at all.
The Punani title well tomorrow I will talk about it!! :)
David I started the paneling work of the pages and as soon as I am done with the proposal of Sean to start the pages!!!
Have a great time!!!


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Timothy said...

Can't wait to see your inks on the Rocket Girl pages.