Friday, July 06, 2007

Until Next Friday or sooner...

You will hear from me till next Friday...happens that the people who checked my computer will be working on my computer next week...from what I know it is from the software so all the information will be set back from scratch...They are trying to sell me something else (extra memory or that sort of) but I am only interested in having my computer back in good shape and I want to buy a graphic pen and pad to start drawing in virtual lines, I see this expense as an investement..... I am making a big sacrifice because I didn´t expect to invest more money in my computer of battles and hard work...but what the heck?
This Cover was never in use for some people so I am loading the piece... so please enjoy!.

Taking in consideration you guys won´t hear from me this week...I will use this to send news to my team mates. (Please I am writing the names as they come to my mind, there is nothing else) :)

NIK HAVERT...Amigo, I am on page 3 and hopefully I will send scans when my computer is getting back in order. (Back in track finally).

SEAN TAYLOR...I am finally working in the advance for the story I will let you know what is going on and talk to people, sorry but finally I am closing circles.

DAN DEPREZ... I am using next week to finish the inking and the pencil work of The Unwanted so you can finally talk to Chris.

DAVID BRAÑA... I wil start working in the paneling work the week of the 16th to start the preview of Evil War.

VICTOR ALOS... I need to work in the last four pages plus the inking work so I hope I will start contacting you next week to polish the details... (una pena por el tiempo pero ya estoy por fin casi libre..disculpas enormes buen Victor). Si todo va bien en menos de 3 o 4 semanas el trabajo estara hecho, todavia tenemos que ver los escenarios.

If you happen to be MY COLORISTS just expect some news about the development on each work.

And the last comment having my computer back I WILL AND ONLY OPEN my mailbox from the friends and people I know and thanking them for listening from you guys and having you as my friends :).
FOR FIRST TIMERS (People writing to me for the first time):
In case YOU ( future contractor, artist or person saying hello) want to write an e- mail directed to me YOU HAVE TO write from now on the reason of contact and JESUS ANTONIO on the head letter.

Have a great day and see you next Friday...If everything goes well (thing I am sure will happen).


PS: In case you nice person want a comission from me or you want to give me a Cover Gig for your magazine or comic let me know because I am trying to gather as much money as I can to pay for all the things I am organizing. Please remember to write the reason in the head of the letter.
PS2: I witnessed the best Lucha Libre Show I have ever seen in my years going to the Arena!!!
Photos are hopefully Friday next week.

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David Braña said...

Ya veo que trabajo no te falta, Jesús. Te tomo la palabra, compañero. Un abrazo.