Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back...Luchas Night in late review.

These are some photos I could take with my cousin last Friday, I have to be honest but I prefer the old style Wrestling and I can say without a doubt that this show was the best I have ever attended or one of the best ones I have watched.
Black Terry (first picture from top to bottom) is an incredible person and behaved so nice with my girl, and the best show was done by Negro Navarro (without a question the best Wrestler I know), El Dandy (I always wanted to see this wrestler and damn, He is a real Dandy, I noticed how happy He was all over the show), El Enfermero (a very good wrestler, I notice a big bulge on his stomach, I suppose that was an hernia or something else, I am just expeculating but watching a person in bad conditions wrestling and being an entire professional is one of those things you appreciate a lot), and Solar that started to fight incredibly after watching the others giving the best). And I lesson for any people there showing that is not neccesary just to joggle of dive to be spectacular, all the whole show the 4 wrestlers didn´t even touch the cords, all the fight was in the center...amazing!!!
This is one of the best night I have ever had!!!
Have a great day!

ps:I already bought my tickets for next Tuesday and I haven´t slept at all so see you in one more post and probably I will post in the following days!!

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