Monday, July 23, 2007


Okey I am done with the pencil proposal of THE UNWANTED by tomorrow night (Thank you Dan and Marko :) ), what it means I will start paneling on Wednesday and on Thursday four or five pages of LAST SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (Thank you Sean a lot... the script is creepy and amazing!!!)over the week and hoping to finish this same week tops Saturday so Sean Taylor (great person, friend and also an incredible horror writer) can have something to show when He is over San Diego to the editor interested in the project.
I am behind schedule I have to finish a Lucha Cover for tomorrow so I will have the pencils done today, I have a ceramic I need to paint (news when this project is also done :)) and also I have to work in a sexy pin up charity poster I will do for a great friend of mine and He will also interview me for a magazine where He talks about indy work. So I am busier as ever!!!

Have a great day and see you in some days!! If not before!! :)


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