Monday, December 20, 2004

The best day or the worst day of my life. (Carajo!!)

Mmmm I still trying to understand again the situation, Today I woke up feeling that was about to be the best or the worst day in my life, you wonder why?
Well some days ago I gave a X-mas present to the girl I like, Yes the portrait that is some posts below, I was a also having dinner with her thing that didn`t happened because She was full that day so I only gave her the gift and came home, She liked it BTW but I was really expecting a more emotional reaction, she was perplexed and She thanked me.
Well She told me She was about to talk to her (ex or former) guy last Sunday to have at least the definitive talk (To tell him that is with him or with me or alone, I dunno the answer yet).
So well I woke up this day assuming that It will be an answer good or bad but an answer, because after having dinner( We agreed to have dinner today..finally!!) and She will let me know her position about it, hahahahahah Murphy`s law again and that guy got sick of chicken pox so that means She didn`t even had the talk to him.
I am a little pissed off to be honest because She still doesn`t know what to do.
Love has some odd ways indeed the funny part is that I am really getting sick of all the crap I am dealing with the whole situation.
I really think of not waiting anymore.........mmmmmmm.So Today is was a regular day no worst or best day..
Well also I received a nice comment from the Elvis piece you have seen below,and tomorrow I am expecting to receive some photos of an study a friend made for me.
Have a great day and Take care!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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